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Survey Says… Job Seekers Care About Interview Questions

February 28, 2020

Finding the perfect candidate for your client or organization can be challenging. When you finally find the right candidate, you may struggle to keep them interested and engaged. Candidate engagement is critical to ensuring your potential hires move smoothly through the hiring process and training yourself how to spot when candidates become disengaged during this process can help strengthen your problem areas and successfully recruit more candidates!

According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), more than half of respondents surveyed through the Harris Poll reported that their number one reason for declining a job offer was due to inappropriate interview questions. Reviewing each question and the relevance it holds for candidates can help you sift through and eliminate unnecessary questions. When reviewing, ask yourself why this question is important and the purpose it serves. If you can’t answer this quickly and coherently, try replacing it with another that holds more value for you and your candidate or simply eliminate it.

Other deal breakers are related to unrealistic skill requirements and misrepresenting job duties. As a recruiter, you don’t have control over job requirements, but you can make sure that the candidate fully understands what the job entails. Creating an honest relationship with the candidate can ensure that you’re delivering the best customer service experience while creating an open line of communication. Keeping candidates engaged in case there’s a better opportunity with your company can also trim the amount of time it takes to hire someone since they’ve already gone through your interview process.

Lastly, according to the same poll, more than 30% of candidates decline offers due to poor follow-up and no face-to-face contact during the hiring process. Leveraging technology, recruiters can use multiple platforms to communicate with candidates in seconds. But learning to combine both digital communication and human interaction is key to keeping candidates engaged throughout the interview process. Even when you’re recruiting en masse, creating a personalized experience for each candidate shows that you are dedicated to finding the right career for each of them. Recruiters can still use technology to add a personal touch. For example, creating personalized emails to your candidates through AI-driven drip campaigns can show that you’re attuned to each candidate’s unique career path without spending your entire day drafting individual messages. Whatever your hiring process may look like, make sure candidates become familiar with who you are and the resources they have available to them.

You can build a positive recruiter-candidate relationship by having a full understanding of your recruitment life cycle. Stepping into a candidate’s shoes will give you a fresh look into how you can improve the process if needed! In doing so you may see improvements in your hiring efforts and a decrease in the time it takes to find the perfect candidate.




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