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What Do Recruiters Want to See In Your Resume?

November 21, 2018

There are many things that are traditionally added to a resume when applying for jobs, including past work experience, references and education. Chances are you’ve spent a good amount of time organizing and perfecting these items on your resume. But what if there were ways to make it even better? Whether you’re entry level or have been in the job market for a while, the following tips will help make your resume stand out.


Things you should add if you haven’t already


Metrics! What metrics could be added to your resume to show your career advancements and accomplishments? Instead of listing “increased sales” try using quantifiable measurements. For example, “increased sales by 20% in the first year”. Also consider adding relevant college coursework. If you’ve just graduated college, it’s okay to include coursework that’s relevant to your field or the job you’re applying for. You can also choose to add awards and recognition to showcase your abilities. Lastly, don’t forget to include volunteer work. Adding community involvement can demonstrate what you’re most passionate about. 


Things that could use a little updating      


If you’ve chosen a standard font for the body of your resume, try using sans serif fonts to contrast the section headers. When deciding what fonts to choose from, make sure they’re still easily readable in print and digital format. Instead of settling for the classic black and white text, try adding a pop of color to the main header of your resume. This will help make your resume more visually appealing. If you’ve included your email, LinkedIn profile, or any personal website showcasing your work, make sure they’re hyperlinked. This will come in handy for anyone viewing your resume online. After updating any changes you’ve made, try saving your resume as a PDF, so when you print or view it online, the format remains the same.


What do the experts say?


IHC’s Senior Staffing Supervisor Natalie Santana shares what she looks for when reviewing resumes. She encourages candidates to include their accomplishments. “Anyone can just list all their jobs on a piece of paper, but it’s the candidates that personalize their resumes that pique my interest.” Including your hobbies is an added bonus according to Natalie. Business Insider lists some hobbies to include on your resume if you participate in them. Hobbies like playing an instrument, video production, photography, blogging, endurance sports, yoga, or gardening, can set you apart from others. Including any one of these tips to your resume will help it stand out against others.


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