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IHC’s Plano Branch Named MVP Non-IS Supplier

July 20, 2018

Integrated Human Capital’s Plano branch was recognized as the MVP Non-IS Supplier at the Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) Non-IS Supplier Forum.

IHC’s Plano branch was established in 2017 and has since hit the ground running. Plano Market Manager Cristi Dey and Recruiter Bethany Christensen have endeavored to provide service that goes above and beyond for IHC’s Plano-based clients.

Cristi Dey had this to say about their recent achievement:

“It was my first time to attend the Toyota/ZeroChaos Supplier Forums this week.  We just became a Supplier for Toyota a year ago when I started working with the IHC family. (It literally does feel like a family here.)  At that time, IHC did not have any Associates working at Toyota, and we were not sure what to expect, or what was to come.  I did not let that hinder my excitement about the opportunity to build a branch, team and presence for IHC in the DFW area. I was given a laptop, opened up an office right around the corner from Toyota, and got to work! The year just flew by, and I am very proud of the team I have built in Plano, and the work we have done together.  It takes teamwork to be successful, and I am proud to say that my Team includes not only the great people that I hired this year for the Plano office (shout out to Bethany Christensen!), but also our Corporate office staff, our Executive Management Team, our ZeroChaos Partners onsite at Toyota, and the impressive Associates that we have hired and placed at Toyota.  Everyone of these people have made hard work feel easy, and we look forward to working with all of them every day!  I look forward to seeing what more we can do in the year ahead as we continue to grow our team, and build upon the bar we have set for ourselves in our “rookie” year. Many thanks Team IHC!”

(From left to right: Plano Market Manager Cristi Dey, Plano Recruiter Bethany Christensen, IHC Vice President Nicole Navarro-Velesiotis)


The Plano team was selected among numerous suppliers for this honor after having supported Toyota’s Plano headquarters for just one year. “This [recognition] speaks volumes at the level of service, the quality of candidates, as well as the perseverance of our team to get better every day!” said Vice President of IHC Nicole Navarro-Velesiotis.  IHC strives to deliver results for all its clients and looks forward to continuing to provide service that is worthy of recognition.



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