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Local IHC Staffing Employee Thrives

September 22, 2016

Each year staffing companies put over 3 million employees to work in America’s offices, warehouses, factories and hospitals.

The individuals contacting staffing companies are reaching out for a variety of reasons.  From recent graduates wanting to enter the workforce but lacking the necessary experience and skills, to retired professionals wanting to earn extra income, each story is unique.

Meet Roger Aguero.  Roger is from a small South Texas town with only 350 residents and if you’re from a small town you know that men are raised to become providers for their family.  So when Roger’s father passed away in 2012, he stepped in as the sole provider.  That meant providing for his widowed mother, his three younger siblings, which include his Autistic brother.

Without a degree or experience, Roger found himself turning to the booming oil industry working as a field worker.  Working in 100-degree heat, 15-16 hour days and frequent overnight stays are standard in the oil business.  As grueling as it was, Roger continued to provide until the oil industry came to a halt. The number of active oil rigs decreased dramatically and employees were told to go home and wait.  Roger waited five months before he heard about an opportunity with Integrated Human Capital.

When Roger first came to our office his eagerness to work and readiness to learn made him stand out.  Our staffing supervisor recognized he was great fit to work as a temporary employee at Forma Automotive, Toyota’s newest direct tier one supplier, assembling Tacoma truck beds at the Toyota San Antonio plant. Even though he lacked the years of experience most companies seek, Integrated Human Capital would provide him the training and experience he needed to succeed.

Working in a state of the art automobile manufacturing plant was new for Roger.  During his time as a temporary employee, Roger received on the job training and met specific criteria of the Toyota Production System (TPS).  Roger excelled in all areas including attendance, performance, attitude and quality of work.  After working as a temporary employee for three months, Roger was offered a permanent position at Forma Automotive.  Since then, he has been promoted to a Team Leader and is on track for further promotion.  Roger is a great fit for Forma Automotive and has embraced the Toyota Way.

Roger’s story is a prime example of how staffing companies can bridge the gap between needed skills and permanent placement. Integrated Human Capital understands the importance of investing in their talent.  By focusing on finding and training talent for specific skillsets or industries, Integrated Human Capital not only creates valuable partnerships with companies like Forma Automotive but also helps prepare associates for a successful future.


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