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Keeping Your Cool After a Job Rejection

September 27, 2019

Applying for jobs can be stressful and feel like a job, in and of itself. So receiving a rejection letter or, worse yet, being ghosted can make it difficult to keep your frustration to yourself. As much as you’d like to vent, it’s important to remain professional and seek opportunities to improve your chances of landing a job!

If you’ve recently received a rejection email or call, it’s important to remind yourself not to take it personally. Avoid taking to social media to express your frustration. Posting on social media is like taking a permanent marker to a dry erase board. You may feel better in the moment, but your comment, even if deleted, could have lasting effects. There are plenty of reasons why you may have been overlooked for a position. Although you might not have been the right fit for the job, don’t rule out other possibilities. The hiring manager could have chosen to promote an employee or no longer needed to hire for the position.

To improve your chances of being successful in your next interview, try opening yourself up to feedback. After receiving a rejection call or email, asking about where you could have done better during the interview or what skills you may have been lacking for the position could help you refine your interviewing techniques or your search for other positions. When dealing with emails, it’s important to respond within 24 hours. Start by thanking the interviewer for the follow up and the opportunity to interview. Don’t be afraid to ask if you were lacking experience or a specific skill for the position.

To help you move forward in your search, don’t overanalyze the situation. It’s important not to dwell on rejection when the focus should be on finding the right position for you. If you don’t receive feedback after an interview, try focusing on something you can improve on for your next one. Think about three instances where you could have done better during the interview and focus on ways to improve. Why not try grabbing a friend for a mock interview?

Lastly, remind yourself that this is a process. You might not nail your first interview, and that’s okay! Don’t let rejection take away from what’s important. Finding a job can be a slow process, but once you find the right fit for you, you’ll see that rejection was necessary for finding what you’ve been looking for. Most importantly, keep looking. Continuing the search for your new career can only bring you closer to your next one. Each interview will give you the opportunity for improvement.

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