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Managing Your Personal Brand

September 12, 2019

Brands are important because they allow people to become familiar with what they do and who they are. Just as you can recognize a brand for companies and products, an employer can recognize you for the work you do and the skills you have. Managing your personal brand allows you to be associated with specific skills and areas of expertise. Social media is a great tool to make sure potential employers can get an idea of who you are as a professional. Managing your personal brand isn’t difficult either! Here are a few simple ways to get started.

Lead with a Headline

Don’t let your name do all the talking! Some social media platforms give you the opportunity to lead with a headline. Your headline can be as simple as combining your professional title with your place of business. For example, when potential employers or people you’ve networked with are looking for you on LinkedIn, your headline can help find exactly who they are looking for.

Craft a Summary

Your headline should be followed by an easy-to-read and conversational summary. Your summary should highlight your career goals, skills, and interests. When writing your summary, try writing it as if you were communicating with someone. Ask yourself questions and write down your responses to paint a full picture for someone who’s getting to know your professional capabilities.

Build your Content

Sharing content and projects you created or providing your own insight for a shared piece is another way to showcase your expertise, thoughts, and ideas. Once you begin sharing content, try to be consistent, and create a content calendar for yourself. Creating a content calendar can also assist you in making sure you’re diversifying the content you’re sharing.

Make Connections  

Most social media platforms offer the opportunity to join groups that are related to your interest or field. Joining groups can help you build professional connections and keep you engaged in other content. When engaging in content, try participating in discussions.


These basic steps are just a few ideas to help you build your personal brand with a steady foundation. Building your brand doesn’t have to happen overnight! Taking your time will help you fully develop your brand and create a holistic picture for employers.

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