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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When it Comes to Your Career

May 17, 2019

Fresh out of school or at a crossroads in your career, you may be trying to figure out what career path will best suit your current and future needs. Becoming aware of what you value the most in a career or company can be the first step to deciding which path is right for you. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine what next career move makes the most sense.

What am I most passionate about?

Determining what motivates you in your career or what excites you about your field is one of the best indicators as to what your passionate about. Whether it be the ability to accomplish a common goal, philanthropic involvement, or the service you provide, researching companies that share in your passions can narrow down the search for top companies you’d like to continue your career with. Showing passion for your work and what you do could lead to greater opportunities in the future and help you see your career as something more than just a job.

What does my dream job look like?

List out the aspects of what you would consider to be your dream job and apply them to positions you’ve already been considering. Although a position might not have all that you’re looking for, you may find yourself satisfied and excited with what they do have to offer. Remind yourself that your next career goal could be long term or aid you along your path to success. Accepting a position just to have a job can hinder your career goals by causing you to make a lateral move or sway off the path from gaining the experience you need to achieve a greater goal.

How will the job fit into my life?

Depending on what stage you are in life, deciding what job will fit best into your everyday routine will help you achieve and accomplish the most in your career. For example, if you’re currently taking classes to further your education, care for children or elderly family members, or have a second job you’re looking to keep, researching positions that have flexible hours or temporary assignments could be the right kind of job you need to continue your other everyday duties. You can further your career by accepting a job that focuses on skills you will need later, even if it’s just for a couple of months or part time.


These three simple questions can help you decide what you really want out of your career or current job, and help you avoid rushing into a position without considering all the factors. When it comes to your next career move, avoiding a lateral jump can also help you move up in your career and navigate your way through picking which career path will lead you to achieving your goals.


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