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Top Tools for Skills Development

May 3, 2019

Having a full time job along with other personal responsibilities can take up a lot of free time. But what if learning a little more each day could open up your career path to more opportunities? Whether you’re at a crossroads looking to move up in your career or looking to reenter the workforce, knowing what resources are available to develop your skills can help you achieve your career goals and then some! is a great tool if you’re looking to learn or improve multiple skills. This site offers a one-month free trial to explore all of the different course they offer and to decide if this method of learning is right for you. offers a variety of courses such as software and web development skills, business skills, and much more. Having a platform like can allow you to learn the skills you need on your own time. Using one tool for all of your courses can save you the time from navigating through different websites and can save you time while learning how to use each tool correctly.


Having knowledge of what skills are most in demand today can give you the edge you need to stand out. With technology always within reach, knowing the basics of coding and computer skills have become beneficial across all ages and most industries. According to Forbes, the top benefits to having coding experience can apply to a wide demographic. Some of these include: better opportunities, improving problem solving and logic, and creating greater flexibility. Gaining coding skills can make you more employable by adding a different area of expertise to your skills. Coding can improve the way you problem solve and the way you think about things as well as help you gain a different perspective on certain situations. According to Evan Leong, co-founder of Fount, learning to code has not only helped him process the rationale of his thinking, but it has also increased his ability to craft more well-thought-out solutions. So where to begin? Although there are plenty of online course you can invest in to learn coding and computer skills, among some of the top free or least expensive are the Khan Academy, Codecademy, and Github!


Lastly, you can always learn by taking a couple minutes out of your day to read and subscribe to informational blog posts or articles pertaining to things you’re interested in. Reading can help you digest important information in a different form, and reading at your own pace has the added benefits of allowing you to stop and take a second to take note on key findings, look up terms and definitions, or re-read any piece you need understanding on. Websites such as The Muse, The Balance Careers, and even job boards like Monster and Indeed can provide relative information to current workforce trends and skills.


Although finding time to grow your profession can be difficult, knowing what resources you have available can make it easier to get started. It’s important to know that there are plenty of tools you can use to expand your knowledge further. Even if you’re starting off small, this could be the push you need to step into the next level of your career.       


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