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Recruiting with AI in 2019

January 4, 2019

With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming increasingly more mainstream, it’s no surprise that HR professionals and recruiters have begun to integrate AI into their hiring processes. According to the Harvard Business Review there are three types of AI when it comes to understanding its relation to business. Process automation, which is the most common type, aids with administrative and financial tasks using robotic process automation technologies. Cognitive insights, the second most common, uses algorithms to detect future patterns. Lastly, cognitive engagement includes “projects that engage employees and customers using natural language processing chatbots, intelligent agents, and machine learning.” The three types of artificial intelligence have aided in creating a new process for seeking top talent and optimizing HR functions.       


In an article published on HR Tool Box, artificial intelligence has helped create programs such as Chatbox Spot to help employees anonymously report on workplace issues. Using the same kind of algorithm, artificial intelligence can now help HR professionals with some of their most time consuming tasks, including creating a highly vetted pool of qualified talent. Nowadays the search for the perfect candidate begins with recruiting through the internet. According to Digital Trends in HR, digital recruiting has changed the process of optimization and targeting. By using digital recruiting, HR professionals now have the ability to engage with talent instantly. Artificial intelligence allows HR departments to “automate communication with potential candidates and track their responses.”


Discovering top talent through artificial intelligence isn’t the only benefit HR professionals and recruiters will see in the new year. AI is also helping professionals collect data on employee performance and satisfaction. According to an article posted on FOW Media, “HR teams have access to innovative approaches to essential functions like recruitment, performance reviews, career development, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, and more.” Analytic-based insights allow HR professionals to measure performances in real time and predict personnel patterns. Analytic-based insights also allow professionals to plan accordingly based on these predictions. In addition to measurements and predictions, analytic-based insights can help determine an employee’s readiness and fit for a position as well as optimize payroll management.     


With artificial intelligence becoming a major part of the hiring process, staffing agencies have begun utilizing AI to attract top talent. Job boards and advertisements now assist recruiters by targeting the right demographic through job ads that use sophisticated algorithms. Job boards and advertisements can now automatically adjust when and where the job posting is being placed. As a result, highly qualified job seekers can be found more quickly to fill open positions.


There are many methods for finding the perfect talent pool for your business and to measure employee performance. Staffing agencies are just another excellent resource to create a talent pool without overextending your own resources.


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