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6 Questions to Consider Asking During an Interview

November 14, 2018

After sending out countless resumes, you’ve finally landed an interview with one of your top picked companies. Containing your excitement and nerves may be difficult, but here are some questions you might want to consider asking during your interview.

Question 1  


What are the company’s core values? This question will help you determine if the company culture matches your own. It’s important that you and your employer are moving towards the same common goal. Discussing the company’s core values will help you establish a connection with the company and will help you determine what it is that you value the most in a work environment.


Question 2


What would your day-to-day responsibilities look like? Getting a feel for your responsibilities will help you determine what your role would be and how you fit into the company. Asking about your responsibilities can also help you decide if it’s something you would look forward to doing or if you’d prefer to use your skills performing different tasks.


Question 3


Is there room for professional development? Growth within the company is just as important as developing your skills. Chances are when you apply for a job you’re looking for a company that will help you excel and offers career pathing. See if the company offers any sort of benefits that will help you obtain a higher education if you’re interested in expanding your skills.     


Question 4    


What is your favorite part about working for the company? Your interviewer might ask you why you would want to work for the company.  Don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer the same kind of question. Get an understanding of how other employees feel about working for the company. Making sure that you not only enjoy what you’re doing but also that you look forward to coming to work everyday is an added value.


Question 5


Who will you be working with, and who would your supervisor be? This question will tell you if you will be working with a team closely or if there’s a particular department that you’ll need to work with from time to time. You might even be interviewing with your future supervisor or colleagues. Try to understand how they like to operate during the workweek to make sure you’re able to acclimate to the routine.    


Question 6


What does the rest of the interview process look like? Ask how you will be contacted. Will they reach out to you through email or via phone? What do the next steps look like? Is there a second interview and if so, who will you be meeting with next? Asking these questions might put you at ease for what’s to come. It may be a good idea to ask if you’ll receive a notice whether you’ve been selected or not.


Take the time to determine which questions matter the most to you during the interview process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to not only make sure that you’re a good fit for the company but also that the company is the right fit for you. 

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