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5 Tips on How to Succeed at Your New Job

October 10, 2018

Did you recently get a new job? Are you eager to make a lasting impression? Whether you’re starting your very first job or transitioning into a new one, here are five tips to help you succeed in any field.

Tip #1: be on time

One of the simplest things can sometimes be the most challenging. Creating the habit of being on time for your shift when you start your new job is the first and foremost tip for success. Time how long the commute is from your residence to your workplace. To avoid being late from unpredicted accidents or whether, allow yourself 10-15 extra minutes to your commute. Another way to make sure you’re on time is by downloading a weather and traffic app or viewing your local weather channel. Doing so can help you decide the quickest route to get to work. Knowing different routes to get to work is always beneficial in case traffic slows down unexpectedly. Even though being on time is an implied rule, often times people forget how important it is. Managers and supervisors sometimes reward those who are always on time with incentives to show how much the employee is valued and appreciated.

Tip #2: communicate

Communication is a key factor when working with others. Establishing communication paths early on can help you familiarize yourself with coworkers and who to turn to if you have a question or need to relay a message. Communicating with a supervisor if you have an emergency or a question will help them see you as someone they can depend on. Your supervisor will begin to see that you’re a reliable employee and can expect to communicate with you throughout the work week.   

Tip #3: establish achievable goals to reference and evaluate 

Some companies hire with intentions to promote an individual over time if they have met and exceed their expectations. Establishing goals from the beginning to reach a promotion is important to staying on track with your personal timeline. An achievable goal can be as simple as not missing a day of work for the first 60 or 90 days. Another goal could be helping your team or supervisors develop a more efficient way to conduct everyday business. Thinking of goals that will help the advancement of your career is the most important thing to consider when defining and evaluating your goals.

Tip #4: attend speaking engagements and work events to network

If your company is hosting an event for their employees, attending the event shows that you’re interested and engaged in what your company is doing. These events could be a fundraiser, a guest lecturer, or a company outing. Attending such events could also help you network with others that you wouldn’t otherwise see daily basis. Being involved with your company’s efforts to engage their employees can give different management teams in your company the ability to recognize you and your efforts.

Tip #5: take pride in what you do

Enjoying what you do and knowing your role in the company is key to succeeding within the first couple months at your new job. Knowing that your role is just as important as anyone else’s will help you determine leadership needs and how your role fits into the company’s vision, which will help you determine how you can have a measurable impact. Taking pride in what you do will show supervisors and business owners how important and capable you are to do the job, possibly leading to an advancement in your career.  

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