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How To Use Facebook To Find The Right Career For You

June 21, 2018

LinkedIn is great for having your next career opportunity come to you, but what if you’re ready to make the switch to a new career today? There are lots of ways you can look for your next career. One way that you may not currently be aware of is through one of the most popular social media sites, Facebook. In an article published on Forbes, out of 2,000 job seekers surveyed, 83% of them claimed to have used Facebook during their career search, compared to 36% of job seekers using LinkedIn. Facebook has changed the way job seekers look at social media.

Updating your profile is one way you can utilize Facebook as a job search tool. When applying for jobs through the site, including your education and contact information on your profile will speed up the process when submitting your applications. When applying for jobs, your information will automatically fill from what you have on your profile, saving you time from having to input your information manually on every application. It’s important to be aware that after your application is submitted, your profile can be viewed by the employer, so take the time to review your privacy settings and content before submitting applications. Now that your profile is application ready, it’s time to start applying for jobs!

Using Facebook to search for open positions is now easier than ever. Facebook has incorporated a job board where employers can post available positions near your area. You can gain access to the job board by clicking the “more” section on the app or under “explore” on the desktop. The job board is set specifically to your area but allows you to maximize or minimize your radius. Facebook also lets you search for careers by category and job type to narrow your search even further.

Using Facebook’s job board isn’t the only way to look for a job through the app or website. Joining Facebook groups and following pages are other ways to search for a job. People or companies often create groups specifically for others to post different job opportunities in your area. One tip given from Job Hunt Facebook expert Chris Russell, was to start by searching your city with the word “job” included to see what groups you can join and pages you can follow. Using these search tools will allow you to connect with different employers, job boards, and career opportunities that are specific to your needs.

In addition to searching for your career through Facebook, some opportunities could be sponsored, meaning keeping a look out for your next career opportunity can be as simple as looking through your news feed. Company ads are often placed on your news feed depending on the demographic and location determined by employers. Becoming aware of these ads is important because employers are looking for readily available candidates.

There are many possibilities for career searching through Facebook. While waiting to hear back from potential employers, connecting with old classmates and coworkers can open the possibility for job referrals. Creating a network for yourself by liking company pages, joining alumni, and subscribing to interest groups can boost your search for finding your next career.   

When using Facebook as a job search tool you’re not just applying for jobs, you’re connecting with potential employers on a deeper level. The ability to view your profile gives the employer a sense of who you are and why you would be a great fit for the position you’re applying for. Just one click on Facebook can lead to endless job possibilities, connecting you with opportunities you may not come across anywhere else. Taking advantage of the job search functions on Facebook can give you the edge you need to find the job that’s right for you.

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