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How To Get Your Next Career Opportunity To Come To You

June 15, 2018

Watch out, job seekers! There are ways to land a job before even applying, and we have the numbers to prove it. According to an article from Muse, 92% of companies are using social media for hiring.

Not only are hiring managers using job boards to search for candidates, but also three out of four hiring managers are reviewing candidates’ social profiles before hiring. As job searches and hiring have moved to digital, employers are searching for the right employee through social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook more than ever. Here are some tips on creating a profile that will help you get discovered for your next career opportunity.


According to an article on The Balance Careers, LinkedIn is currently ranked as the number one recruitment marketing platform. As of February 2018, LinkedIn had 467 million members, including 148 different industries and over 100,000 recruiters. So how do you make your profile stand out to recruiters? Building the perfect profile can be as easy as keeping your information up to date. An updated resume is the first tip to keep in mind when creating and updating your LinkedIn profile. Keeping your contact information, resume, and profile picture current will make it easier for future employers to contact you. Future employers can also recruit through connection referrals, inmail, keyword searches, or from groups on LinkedIn. Staying connected with trusted colleagues and past employers can give you the reference you need for future employers to hire you.

Recruiters use keyword searches to search for candidates that qualify for their open positions. For example, a recruiter looking for a marketing specialist could type in the keyword “marketing” to search for a candidate with marketing experience. Creating a keyword-rich profile will make it easier for future employers to discover your resume.

Job seekers and employers can join groups of similar interests and experience. By joining a group on LinkedIn, you’re connecting yourself with future employers in the same group. Recruiters often search through their groups to narrow the search for finding the perfect candidate. When recruiters discover your profile, they review the content you’ve shared and the other social media platforms you’re active on. Linking your social media profiles to your LinkedIn page is something to consider if you want your future employer viewing your Facebook and other profiles.


Originally, Facebook was created to keep you connected to those around you, including keeping in touch with friends and family, connecting with people who share common interests, and keeping up with current events in your area. However, over the past few years, Facebook has expanded and now includes more opportunities for job seekers. Deciding to include a link to your Facebook to LinkedIn or your resume is up to you. If you choose to use your Facebook profile to be discovered by employers, there are tips you can use to make sure your profile is professional. For starters, if you’re linking your Facebook profile to LinkedIn or other job boards, make sure you’re using the same name on both platforms. Keeping your Facebook content professional will appeal to future employers. Always be aware of the content you’re sharing to Facebook and ask yourself if this is something you would want a potential employer to see. Enabling timeline review on Facebook is an important tool for managing your online presence. Timeline review allows you to approve what others post on your timeline, and what you’re tagged in.

If you don’t want to use your Facebook as a tool for being discovered for a career opportunity, There are ways to ensure that your page is for personal use only. When posting something to Facebook that’s meant for your Facebook friends only, you have the option to click the drop-down menu to select who can see your post. By making your posts only available to your friends, you’re making sure that your post isn’t public. You can also adjust your contact privacy settings by clicking the “settings” section on your profile to ensure that your contact information is not publicly viewable.


Using LinkedIn is a great way to have your next employment opportunity come to you. These tips can help your profile become more discoverable and appealing to your next employer. Facebook is also another tool that can be used for employment purposes in its own unique way. However, it’s important to remember leaving your Facebook open for employers to see is your choice. It’s okay to keep your personal and professional life separate with social media and utilizing job boards for employment. Finding a new job is not always an active process. Even if you’re currently employed, making your LinkedIn and other social profiles presentable can leave you discoverable for your next career opportunity.


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