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3 Industries Worth Considering When Beginning Your Career Search

June 6, 2018

With a new season approaching, many job seekers are looking for new career opportunities. If you’re not sure what field is right for you, it’s worth considering the technology, customer service, and manufacturing industries. These industries are experiencing change for 2018 and beyond and show an exponential amount of growth, ranging from mobility, skill development, and schedule flexibility.

Customer Service

In recent years, the scope of the customer service industry has expanded tremendously. With recent developments in technology, customer service has grown rapidly to accommodate the needs of the modern-day consumer. According to a recent article from Software Advice, trends in the customer service industry are changing. During the 90s, offshoring call center positions became a common tool for employers across the US. However, the trend has since reversed beginning in the mid 2000’s with employers bringing these positions back to the US. The call center employment rate is projected to grow by 39% from 2014-2024 according to Software Advice. So why should you consider a call center position? Currently, entry level call center positions range from $12 to $14 an hour. Call center positions boast mobility, increased pay, and benefits beginning at the position in which you start. Call center jobs also offer valuable skills and experience needed to advance in varying careers of this growing industry.


According to an article published on Goodwin College, the manufacturing industry is home to over 15 million Americans and is the fourth largest industry for employment in the United States. Even though the manufacturing industry is a vital to economic development, employers are having a difficult time filling certain positions. One of the challenges employers face is overcoming misconceptions about working in the manufacturing industry. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is a lack of competitive wages. According to the same article on Goodwin College, an increase in the use of technology is producing higher wages for employees in manufacturing. Technology has not only created a broader skill set needed in manufacturing, but it has also created new forms of manufacturing. Manufacturers are now working with high-tech machines and technology to produce products and services. In addition to higher wages, the manufacturing industry offers professional development in the forms of onsite learning, advancement with new certifications, and training programs. The chances of finding a job in the manufacturing industry are better than ever.


As new technology is implemented within different industries, it makes sense that the technology industry as a whole is expanding. One specific area that is seeing significant change is cloud computing. According to Deloitte’s 2018 technology industry outlook, “important innovations are making cloud computing more valuable for companies as they seek to transform their operations and business models.” In fact, Microsoft, in an attempt to compete with leading competitor Inc, recently acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion to enhance its cloud computing business. Users of cloud-based software and other technologies are enjoying the flexibility of consumption and buying a service not just a product. With these current trends arising in technology, companies are now investing in free lancers and startup companies to service their websites, applications, and other tech needs. Workers in this industry are seeing increased schedule flexibility, skill development, and incomes.

Career Opportunities

Employers in the fields of customer service, manufacturing, and technology are seeking candidates with varying skill sets to meet the demands of their growing organizations. For employees, these industries boast excellent mobility, opportunities for skill development, and a greater degree of schedule flexibility. With plenty of job opportunities available, it’s never been a better time to consider a career in any of these fields!


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