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Staffing 101: How Does a Staffing Company Work?

November 21, 2017

Finding work can be difficult. Unemployment is at its lowest rate since February 2001, but the job market is still competitive. Getting a foot in the door and standing out from the rest of the crowd can become a job in itself! Conversely, finding the right candidates to fill those available positions can be time consuming and tedious. And let’s not get started on how hiring a candidate who isn’t a right fit for the organization can be expensive and a waste of time for both job seekers and organizations. These employment hurdles are why staffing companies exist!


In a nutshell, a staffing company establishes an agreement with other businesses to fill their open job positions. When companies work with a staffing company like Integrated Human Capital (IHC), they look to their hiring expertise along with their ability to find and place qualified candidates quickly. But staffing companies do so much more than just find people to work. Many staffing companies can manage the human resources and payroll for those employees as well!

Typically, staffing companies look for job seekers for temporary, temporary-to-hire, and permanent (direct hire) positions across a plethora of industries. Manufacturing, Accounting, Customer Service, and Information Technology are just a few of the industries for which IHC has hired!

A temporary job assignment usually has predetermined start and end dates, and the job seeker will be made aware of the duration of their assignment. Once the assignment is over, the job seeker’s status returns to “active,” and the staffing company begins to look for another assignment for the job seeker with a different organization. However, there’s always a chance of being directly hired by the business at the end of the assignment.

For a temp-to-hire position, an organization will use a staffing company to hire a job seeker to work for a certain period so that the business has a chance to gauge whether or not they feel he or she is a good fit for the position and the company. When that period is over, the company makes the decision as to whether or not they would like to hire the employee directly for a full-time position.

A permanent (direct hire) position is established when a business asks a staffing company to perform the screening, interviewing, and assessments for potential employees. The staffing company then conducts the processes until suitable candidates are found and approved by the business. The business then hires successful candidates as full-time employees.

Staffing companies offer many benefits to both their clients and employees, whether it be the hiring expertise a business needs or the benefits and human resources employees look for in a job. According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), 9 out of 10 former and current employees of staffing companies nationwide said staffing work made them more employable, and about half (49%) of staffing employees say it was a way to get a permanent job1.  And even though some positions offered by staffing companies may be temporary, they’re an excellent resource for gaining valuable, real-world experience (with benefits!), and have various opportunities for continued employment.

The best part about all this for job seekers is there’s no cost for using Integrated Human Capital’s services!

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