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The Heart of our Business

February 8, 2016

Santana, what drives a business to be successful, she will tell you it starts with the ability to build relationships. As a CEO, the skill to attract and lead talented people is at the heart of her business success and that is why investing in a Business Development Executive serves as a vital part of continuing that success.

So what exactly is business development and why is it considered the heart of IHC’s business?

While business development means growing business, it’s much more than that and should not be confused with just sales. At Integrated Human Capital, the Business Development team’s role is to seek new customers and look at ways to expand business with current customers. This means mapping out geographic areas that make sense for IHC’s business and completing an assessment of each customer’s needs. While this might still seem straight-forward, it’s not. A great deal of time is spent researching, mapping, and developing a strategy even before having a first meet and greet with a decision maker. Having the talent to understand that every hand you shake, every lunch date, every event has meaning and purpose is what will make you a successful Business Development Executive. It’s this talent that has recently helped Rachelle Bell, one of IHC’s Business Development Executives achieve “Ambassador of the Year” by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. It’s her drive, ability to get in front of customers and genuine personality that will allow her to build on these relationships.

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are truly the face of the Chamber. These are highly motivated individuals who extend hands of friendships to new, current and future members. Just like the Chamber of Commerce relies on Ambassadors, businesses rely on their Business Development Executives to provide an excellent first impression to all potential customers. Having an expansive network alone won’t help facilitate a deal. It’s a Business Development executive’s deep understanding of how to build and maintain these new relationships to expand on them when needed. A Business Development’s relationships are all crucial factors in not only getting in the door but keeping it open.

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