CEO Letter

Our website talks about what we do. On this page, I’d like to give you a sense of what Integrated Human Capital is about: what we believe.

We believe that investing in partnerships has a long-term benefit for both parties. We have built long-standing relationships with numerous companies and individuals, who consistently turn to us because of mutual trust and the assurance that we have their best interests in mind. Our partners recognize that IHC strives to exceed the goals in front of us, not just to meet them.

We believe in working smart to help our partners reach their goals. We usually take on a consultative role and assist our clients in determining their manning levels so that they can focus on their business and accomplish their goals. Our repeat business is driven by our success in delivering flexible, creative solutions to challenging staffing problems.

We believe in using our 100+ years of experience of working in the cross-border market to assist clients in both the United States and Mexico. We are proud to help clients on both sides of the border to understand the complexities and unique requirements of that particular marketplace as we help them grow.

We believe in outstanding customer service, both for our clients, candidates and for our associates. We want each and every person we work with to feel that IHC was instrumental in helping them accomplish what they set out to do: whether that is meeting their strategic business goals or getting a terrific job that suits their strengths and career goals.

And as a hands-on owner, I am always available to address any concerns and to answer any questions.

On behalf of the Integrated Human Capital team, we consider it a privilege to work with our clients and job seekers, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Rosa Santana
Integrated Human Capital